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The Walking Dead 11x24

Maggie, Gabriel and Rosita manage to escape and eventually link up with Daryl and Carol as they track the Commonwealth's train to the mysterious Outpost 22. Daryl is haunted by the capture of Connie who has been separated out from the others as a Designation 2 while Maggie is haunted by losing Hershel, especially after fighting a child walker. At the Commonwealth's labor camp, Negan convinces a reluctant Ezekiel to set aside their differences and form a revolt against the sadistic Warden. At a junction, the others attack the train and rescue Connie. However, a dying trooper only knows that Designation 2's are taken far away and are never seen again while the engineer commits suicide rather than answer any questions. As the prisoners are delivered to Outpost 22, Rosita poses as a dead trooper over the train's radio and tricks a friendly trooper into revealing that Outpost 22 is actually Alexandria. Maggie declares that they will get their home and their people back and that Pamela will never know what hit her.

The Walking Dead 11x24

Rosita, Eugene, and Gabriel managed to get out of the ambulance, each with a baby strapped to them, and find a way out: up a pipe through an open window. Our hearts pounded with panic when Rosita slipped halfway up and was suddenly thrown into a crowd of the dead.

Daryl echoes the sentiment in a speech once they confront Pamela and the troopers. "We all deserve better than this. You built this place to be like the old world, that was the f*****g problem," he tells her. "We got one enemy and it ain't the walking dead."

The walkers carve their bloody path across the Commonwealth. They overrun the people mercilessly and cut a deadly swath through the city. Meanwhile, Mercer is stuck in prison until Max and Princess free him. Together with Ezekiel, Maggie and the others, he now has to fight not only against Pamela and her followers, but also against the army of the walkers.

It is unknown where the CRM originated from or if they possibly even existed before the zombie apocalypse. They mark people as an "A" or a "B" but is also unknown what exactly that means. They trade supplies in exchange for people which means they must have a large amount of food and water. The CRM clearly operates on a large scale as its members have been seen in Virginia and Texas and are well-armed. One of their pilots, Isabelle, kidnapped a woman named Althea, who was been filming a dead CRM member in Texas and inspected the maps the man carried with him but refused to bring her to the base all she asked was that Althea destroyed any evidence of their existence and refused to tell anyone about their existence. Althea expressed interest in coming with Isabelle but she warned her how her group can be very dangerous. After sharing a kiss, they parted ways and Isabelle returned to her base and Althea kept her promise and so the existence of the group was kept a secret.

Half a year later in Virginia, Rick Grimes saw a helicopter flying over him while he was going to Jadis for negotiations. After The Scavengers were slaughtered by Simon on the orders of Negan, The CRM lost interest in the Junkyard until one and a half years later Jadis proposed to bring them new people in exchange for safety. After Rick Grimes was presumed dead after blowing up a bridge to save his friends and family, he was captured by Jadis and the CRM. Six years later, Rick is still missing and presumed dead by everyone he knew including his girlfriend and daughter Judith, along with hundreds if not thousands of other survivors. During his capture, Rick's second son and third child were born. So far, Rick has no idea of his existence and the young boy thinks his father died before his birth.

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