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Outlast 2 Pc Game !FULL! Downloadl

Outlive 2 is the continuation of the acclaimed perseverance awfulness game Outlast. Set in a comparable universe as the chief game, yet with different characters and a substitute setting, Outlast 2 is a bowed new journey into the profundities of the human mind and its dull riddles.

Outlast 2 Pc Game Downloadl

Outlast 2 (stylized as OULAST II) is a first-person psychological, survival horror video game and an indirect sequel to Outlast, developed and published by Red Barrels and distributed by Warner Bros.[1] It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 25, 2017[5] and for the Nintendo Switch on March 27, 2018.[7]

Like the two previous titles, the game is built in Unreal Engine 3, but slightly modified. Developers commented that in this way, they can repurpose all the assets from previous games, such as animations, scripts, etc. Players are able to run and crouch behind objects to avoid their pursuers, prone beneath obstacles, as well as hide within various places, whether it be a barrel, locker, tall grass or a pool of water. There is a limited sprint mechanic, which will decrease player character's stamina over time. The movement system was also reworked allowing players to slide when running. Players can restore health by bandaging their wounds. This, however, takes a few seconds and can be disrupted by nearby enemies. Philippe Morin also noted that enemy A.I. is has been rebuilt from scratch and their patterns differ from the first game.

The game takes place in the same universe as Outlast, after the events of the Mount Massive Asylum Slaughter.[8] Murkoff is also scheduled to make their appearance.[9] According to the developers, the main setting takes place in a secluded village, located somewhere in the canyons of Arizona. Blake Langermann, a cameraman, with his wife Lynn, travel to southern Arizona to investigate the murder of a Jane Doe. The woman was previously found eight months pregnant by the side of the road, before committing suicide in the hospital that she was brought to, according to the facility's records. Due to the desert climate and the region being inaccessible by land vehicles, the two take a chopper to reach their destination, which ends up crashing from unknown complications. Blake wakes up sometime later, with Lynn nowhere in sight. Later, Blake realizes that he's been stranded in a village with cult members that believe the end of times are upon them. His main goal is to find Lynn and escape alive from the hostile villagers.[10]

Blake comes out of hiding and is chased by the cult members. He now knows he has to get to the mines to reach Lynn. The road is long and he is attacked by Marta and townsfolk. Blake then as he is crossing the bridge sees locusts and falls down and must take the long way to the mines. Throughout the game, Blake has psychosomatic hallucinations which are part of the gameplay. Though it is questionable if these are hallucinations. Blake goes back to his childhood, when he is in Fourth Grade, and friends with Lynn and Jessica. Blake had found Jessica had hanged herself. Jessica had left a suicide note where she said Blake should have loved her. In these parts there is a strange monster or demon chasing after Blake with a pulsating tongue around the school. Death is immediate by this demon who proceeds to rip Blake's throat or gut out with its protruding tongue. There is also a man's voice who Jessica warns Blake against in the school.

Blake realizes now he has to take the long way to the mines. This way leads him through the Scalled, who are severely sick cultists that have been cast out of the Temple Gate. Apparently, they have been sick with gonorrhea and syphilis due to Knoth and his people inbreeding and having odd sexual practices in which incest is also encouraged. In one earlier note of the game, which Blake finds in the town's central square, it is hinted that Knoth has syphilis. Knoth sends two men, Paul and Simeon, to get medications from the outside world. These excursions are not necessarily for medication but also supplies like gas, which the cultists themselves can't make. However, Knoth has lied to these men, saying his medications are just studying AIDS. When Paul relays this to their supplier, the young man laughs and states that the only thing Knoth must have been studying is the "gash." Paul is afraid to question Knoth himself directly as any opposition leads to either torture or death. Knoth and the others indiscriminately have sex with many women leading to the spreading of STDs. However, Knoth has medication for his syphilis which he does not share with the others. The people who manifest these sickness, as in horrible sores and gradual decomposition of flesh, are sent to a secluded part of the forest. They are told to await salvation.

During this traumatic episode players finally go back to Blake's past. He seems to be pinned down by Jessica. It is hinted that Jessica wants to kiss him but Blake doesn't really want to. So, she gets off and just wants to hang out with him at his house. They are found by Father Loutermilch. Loutermilch then makes Jessica and Blake come into class and interrogates them and if they were doing something wrong. Jessica pleads Blake to stay which makes Loutermilch more suspicious and he keeps on shaming Jessica and Blake. Though Blake tries to explain that he was not necessarily being flirty or romantic with Jessica, Loutermilch shames him and tells him to go home, albeit Jessica telling him to stay. When Blake does try to go home he hears Jessica scream. He sees Loutermilch chase a running Jessica who is screaming and telling him to leave her alone. Blake runs after them hoping to help Jessica. Blake soon comes to a door opens it to see a battered and bruised Jessica near a stairway. Loutermilch says that this is not what it looks like. It is implied that Loutermilch had physically and sexually assaulted Jessica and in a tussle pushed her off the stairway. Throughout the game, Loutermilch's voice sometimes appears as a way to keep Blake silent of what he saw. Loutermilch had framed Jessica' death as a suicide as a way to escape culpability. It is also implied that the demon who chases Blake is a mutilated and ghastly version of Loutermilch.

Blake wakes up and sees that cultists have attacked the Heretics and he runs and finds Lynn. Lynn is pregnant and she is about to give birth and Blake, though not understanding how this is possible, says he will protect her and the child (Lynn mentions it's his, though Blake earlier in the game stated they haven't had sex in months). The sun also seems to become like a giant star reaching supernova. As morning is coming and the world seems to be dying Blake and Lynn keep on moving only to encounter Marta. In the final chase, Marta almost corners them, but then the storm suddenly brings a church cross down and impales her.

Blake and Lynn go into a church and Lynn gives birth to a girl and dies. Blake starts crying and cradles the newborn while passing out. It is hinted that the baby is not real; gameplay footage shows no shadow and when Blake tries to show Lynn her baby she says "There's nothing there." When he wakes up he sees Knoth who chastises him for not killing the antichrist off sooner. Knoth does not understand why God is silent with him now especially when he had perfect faith enough to kill his own children and his followers'. Knoth then says that though God does not listen to dead men, he hopes he answers them and slits his own throat. Blake gets out with the infant and sees that the town is burned, as well as seeing hundreds of the cultists lying down dead. The cultists have committed suicide by drinking hydrogen peroxide and cyanide. As he keeps on walking the sun grows immensely and engulfs him and the land around him.

Blake then wakes up as a kid in his school and hears Jessica calling out to him. He finds her and she says she will never let him go as she knows he won't ever let her go. She kneels down in prayer and so does Blake. She starts saying a prayer as the game ends.

A six issue comic book series, written by JT Petty and illustrated by The Black Frog, was released from July 11, 2016[11] to November 17, 2017[12] and serves as means to bridge the gap between the first two games' storylines.

A physical collection featuring all three games from the series dubbed Outlast Trinity was made available for purchase on April 25, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players and as a digital bundle for Steam users.[13] The cover features a prominent antagonist from each game: Richard Trager from Outlast, Eddie Gluskin from Whistleblower and Sullivan Knoth from Outlast 2.[14]

On October 26, 2018, in partnership with Limited Run Games, Red Barrels released physical copies of all three games for the Nintendo Switch, Outlast and Whistleblower being coupled as Bundle of Terror. The two copies feature exclusive cover art commissioned by Limited Run.[2]

In a number of interviews, Red Barrels stated that the chances of a follow-up game relied on how well Outlast did on the market. Following its success and positive reviews, the developers started working on a sequel around July 2014, right after the Xbox One version was made available for digital distribution.[16] On October 23, 2014, in an interview with Bloody Disgusting, Philippe Morin announced that Outlast 2 was in works, as well as noting that the team will not release the game unless they're afraid to play it for themselves.[17] Its initial release was set for fall 2016, but was later postponed for April 25, 2017 to give the developers more time to work on the game.[5][18]

In response to numerous questions regarding virtual reality, Morin confirmed that Outlast 2 will not support PlayStation VR due to a relatively small team of 20 people with limited time and their belief that a good VR game has to be built from the ground up.[19] However, the game will be compatible with PS4 Pro with higher shadow and texture quality, filtering and more detailed meshes.[20]

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